Mission of Oshodhara is to reveal spiritual and scientific base of Sanatan Dharma and make every one happy and blissful through various programs. Oshodhara is an existential, experiential mystery school under the guidance of Samarthguru. It does not give you knowledge about meditation; it gives you the experience of meditation.

Now All Pragya Samadhi & Sumiran Programs Conducted Online

Samadhi Programs are meditation programs designed to help the seekers scale the heights of spirituality in a systematic, level wise manner. Oshodhara welcomes seekers to make Godliness their own practical experience and to embark on a journey of not just enlightenment but Beyond Enlightenment!

Reconnect with your roots and find the secret within you by joining our unique segment of pragya programs. Health programs include various therapies of healing like Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Reiki, and others. Wellness programs like Swasthya Pragya and Kayakalpam are also a part of the programs aimed for healthy living.

Priorities your health first before it’s too late! Our health programs are designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle that leads to promote your well-being.

The higher level of spiritual journey starts with devotion, when one enters in this stage they gets to experience the liveliness of this universe that is way beyond to the enlightenment.