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Know Oshodhara

" Thousands of people start meditation, but very few – so few that they can be counted on ten fingers – ever achieve to enlightenment. And unless meditation becomes enlightenment, you have simply wasted your time. "
—Osho, Sermons in Stones Chapter #4,Q5T

" Oshodhara is your way to Enlightenment
and Beyond "

There is a restlessness within, there is some quest. We do not know who we are, why we are, for what reason! It seems as if we have been thrown into this world without any rhyme or reason.


This restlessness of yours will not end till you experience your roots within this existence. Till we realize the relationship between existence and ourselves, this restlessness will plague us.


Oshodhara is the synthesis of the Spiritual best in the world as it is a result of the combination of the very best practices chosen from the Spiritual diversity that the world and Sanatan Dharm in particular, has to offer.

Oshodhara has gifted the world - 'Spiritual Science'. It has converted Spirituality into Science. It provides a practical roadmap of spirituality - its courses are designed in such a way that one practically experiences specific spiritual milestones and levelwise moves ahead on the spiritual path under the right guidance of the Master.
Oshodhara has designed its courses in such a way that they help the modern day busy man scale the heights of spirituality quickly and efficiently. Till date, thousands of people have joined Oshodhara, walked on the spiritual path under the guidance of Samarthguru towards Enlightenment and beyond.

OSHODHARA is open to all seeking

" Your lion’s roar can be provoked by another living lion – there is no other way ."
—Osho, The Perfect Master, Chapter 7

" Enlightenment is our birthright, but we have to discover it. It is a gateless gate, but we have to open it. It is our very being, but we have to approach it. It is never lost, but we have to find it. We have to go nowhere, but we need a living master to realize it.
Divinity is a mystery, but it has to be experienced. It has never been separate, but it requires intelligence to feel that we are part of it. It is our very core, but we live at the periphery. That is why we are required to take up a journey to enlightenment. "

-Samarthguru Siddharth Aulia

"With grace of Godliness and my Masters I have inherited some of the most precious treasures of Vedas, Upanishads, Krishna, Buddha, Patanjali, Sufis, Kabir, Nanak and Osho. I invite sincere seekers to join Oshodhara programs for sharing these pearls."

-Samarthguru Siddharth Aulia

It’s a sheer joy to be part of Oshodhara. Oshodhara welcomes you to be on a journey of self-exploration while singing, dancing, laughing and celebrating in the divine presence of Samarthguru Siddharth Aulia ji.

What is Oshodhara?

Mission of Oshodhara