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Relationships, Parenting & Childrens' Courses

” If you are seeking a family, if you are seeking love, then you are seeking religion (Dharma). When you fall in love with a person, you make one person religious in this world. The larger the family, the greater is the joy. “

– OSHO—The Way of Tao, Volume 2

Dampatya Pragya

This is a 3-days ( 4-days online) course of Happy Marital Living, which covers all dimensions of married life to make it a joyful experience. Entry in this course is granted to everyone.

Vatsalya Pragya

This is a 3-days (4-days online) course on parenting wisdom which covers various aspects of parenting including child psychology, parenting styles, parents behaviors and parenting problems to help in proper growth of children.

Balotsav Pragya

It is a 9-days online group (6-days offline) which teaches children (8-15 years) Eightfold path of Lord Buddha, Nature love, Meditations, Craft, Painting, aerobics and dance. Offline course includes Mid-Brain Activation also.

Kishore Pragya

This is a 8 days Online group (6-days offline), which combines Hans Pragya (Effective Living) and Maitri Pragya (Friendly Living). It is best suited to students, teens and youths. It prepares them for a successful innings in their life.