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Oshodhara Training Courses

Oshodhara Acharya Training


After doing Amrit Yoga and enrolling as a Member of Oshodhara Maitri Sangh one can do the Online Acharya Pragya course. This is a 9-day online course that prepares Acharyas of Oshodhara who can conduct Anand Pragya and Bal Pragya Groups.


Adwait Yoga graduates can take part in Acharyashree, a 9-days online course, after completing Acharya Pragya. Acharyashree is authorized to conduct Dhyan Yoga and associate in conducting higher courses under the leadership of SAMARTHGURU and/or leading Acharyashrees authorized by Samarthguru.


This is a 6-days online group available to Mudra Healing graduates. It teaches how to conduct Mudra Healing course.


KP Astrology

Krishnamurthy Paddhati is a 9-days online course. It uses basic principles of Vedic astrology and analyses are made in a different way based on Nakshatras and Sub Lords. It is best technique, to predict any event in one’s Horoscope accurately. It is easy to understand and easy to apply. The main aim of Astrology is to minimize the problems & sorrows to maximize the positive aspects of life or bliss by understanding the destiny patterns.


Astrovastu is a 9-days online course. It is the synchronization of astrology and Vastu Shastra. It can establish a relationship between space around a person and the inner world of human consciousness. It is a technique to enhance health, happiness, wealth along with contentment by balancing the energies of each direction. This can be applied to home, office or energies.



This is a 6-days (9-days online) course which inculcates the divine art of Reiki Touch Healing (Reiki level I) and Reiki Distance Healing (Reiki level II). It is essential to do Reiki group before attending Reiki Acharya (Reiki Master Healer).


Reiki Pragya (Reiki-1 & 2) can take part in Reiki Master course. This is a 9-days group (online as well as offline) through which you can master yourself through Reiki healing energy & the Master Symbol. The course content includes:
- Identify different energies; Entities/Spirits in the various energy bodies/aura & release them
- Perform Past Life healing & Soul Retrieval
- Discussions on Black Magic, Curses etc & how Reiki can heal, resolve/ breakdown these damaging frequencies
- Deeper understanding between the Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual bodies & the issues present in people
- Setting the path for a deeper inner healing & awareness as we continue our journey inwards & onwards.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)


It is a 3-days (5-days Online course) to understand our Mind's processing to eliminate Negativity like Fear, Phobia, Anxiety, Past painful memory, Limiting Belief, Negative thought and explore inner strategy to achieve Health, Wealth, Loving Relation and Success with advance science.


It is a 9-days Online course to discover Mind Mastery Methods by learning Advance NLP tools Techniques as well as easy way to attract Abundance, in every dimension and become benedictory to Society by exploring Counsellor and NLP Trainer inside you.