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Samarthguru Siddharth Aulia

Samarthguru Siddharth Aulia is the founder of Oshodhara. He is an Enlightened Master, a Sufi Mystic, a Saint of 'Sant Mat', a poet and an author who can also be called a 'Spiritual Scientist.'

Samarthguru Biography

Samarthguru Siddharth Aulia was born on 23 September, 1942 at Karma, District Rohtas, Bihar, India. He did his schooling in Neterhat Residential School (1955-61), and did M.SC, AISM, PHD in Indian School Mines, Dhanbad, India, where he also served as lecturer till 1975. He joined Coal India Ltd in 1975 where he worked as General Manager till 2002. He did senior Executive Course in Management at Manchester Business School, UK in 1991.
He served as a Lecturer in Indian school of Mines until 1975 and after that joined Coal India, where he worked as General Manager till 2002. His 36 research papers and 4 books on Geology were published during this period. For his book 'Koyle Ki Gaveshna' he was awarded Indira Gandhi Award in 1984. In 1992 he introduced an improvised and Indianised version of ‘Quality circle’ aptly named ‘Kaushal Chakra’ (in South Eastern Coalfields Ltd.), thereby skyrocketing the company’s profit and reducing accidents and strikes to a large extent.

Spiritual Journey and his Masters

Ever since he was a child, Virendra (legal first name of Samarthguru Siddharth Aulia Ji) had a spiritual quest which was catalysed by a saint named ‘Janaki baba’ who loved Virendra like a father and who was gifted with ‘Yakshini siddhi’, which stirred young Virendra’s curiosity. That was little Virendra’s first tryst with spirituality. The seed that was sown in young Virendra during his childhood was working underneath, within him, which during the later years took him to several masters of different spiritual traditions.
The main masters who guided him in the quest were:
  1. Osho – Master of Masters: Just one book of Osho, ‘Krishna Meri Drishti Mein’, handed over to Virendra Kumar Singh, by one of his close friends, during one of his official trips, changed his ‘Drishti’ towards Osho. This was followed by an inner urge to take ‘sanyaas’ from Osho in Poona, and the outcome was a new beginning. Osho initiated him to Neo-sanyaas on 13th May 1980.And gradually thus, he metamorphosed from Virendra to Siddharth.
  2. Guru Nanak Dev ji: Guru Nanak Devji blessed him with Omkar Diksha on 13th January, 1997.
  3. Sufi Baba Shah Qalandar: Our Samarthguru got the precious guidance of Sufi Baba Shah Qalandar Pir of Giridih and later, before leaving his body, Sufi Baba conferred upon him the title and responsibilities of ‘Aulia.’

Some of the other masters pivotal in his spiritual journey were:

  1. Baba Bhajan Brahmachari
  2. Pilot Baba
  3. Deoraha Baba
  4. Tat Baba
  5. Tapaswini Mira puri
  6.  Aughar Bhagwan Ram

Satori(Kundalini awakening) & Enlightenment

Samarthguru experienced satori on 11 December 1988 and founded Indian Institute of Yoga and Management.
He was blessed with Enlightenment on the 5 of March 1997.

Birth Of Oshodhara

He developed 28 levels of Spiritual courses under Oshodhara- a live stream originating from Osho – and through these courses he is helping the seekers on the path of Enlightenment. Under his guidance, Oshodhara established three Dhams (Ashrams) at Murthal in Haryana, Madhopur in Punjab and Karma in Bihar where Oshodhara courses are organized regularly. He developed 28 levels of Spiritual courses and 42 Wisdom courses under Oshodhara and through these courses, he is helping the seekers on the path of Enlightenment and beyond.
Thousands of seekers have joined Oshodhara and have attained the peak of Spirituality with Dhyan, Samadhi and Sumiran, leading to Satori, Self-realization, Enlightenment and journey beyond Enlightenment.

Samarthguru - The 'Aulia'

Samarthguru came in contact with the great saint of India - Sufi Baba Shah Qalandar of Giridih in 1980 and a deep bond of love formed between them. Such was the strength and intensity of their bond that Sufi Baba Shah Qalandar declared our Samarthguru as his successor and bestowed him with the title and responsibilities of 'Aulia', a highly esteemed position in the Sufi world, before he left his body. And thus, a divine and pivotal connection was established between our Samarthguru, Oshodhara and the Sufi world.