Reservation Guidelines

Reservation Guidelines

1.     All Programs conducted at the Ashram and Dhams are Residential Programs . It is mandatory to stay in the ashram itself. Participants are not allowed to leave the ashram premise during the program except under special circumstances and with prior permission of the Ashram Authorities.

2.     If you are new to Oshodhara you can begin with any Entry Level Program or Pragya /Wisdom program except Acharya Pragya,  though it would be advisable to start by attending the One day meditation camps and Dhyan Samadhi which is 1st Level Program.

3.     All Samadhi programs last for duration of 6 days each. There are 28 levels of Samadhi/sumiran programs. You can do the second level only if you have completed the first level and so on i.e. you can do a particular Samadhi group only if you have completed all the previous levels. Dhyan Samadhi is the first level.

4.     If you are interested in any program, you can do it only if you have booked it in advance or only if you have informed us.

5.     You need to reach the ashram one day before the start of the program by 8 p.m. If not, your booking will be cancelled. If there is any delay in your flight or train you can inform us in advance so we can take necessary steps on our end to prevent your booking from being cancelled.

6.     All Samadhi/sumiran groups start from early Monday morning and end on Saturday afternoon.

7.     Registration is done on every Sunday till 8 pm for Samadhi programs starting on Monday  and on every Sunday and Wednesday for 3 day Pragya groups.

8.     One day meditation Shivir  is held on every 2nd Sunday of each month at Oshodhara Nanak Dham, Murthal, Sonipat (Haryana) from 9 AM to 5 PM. For this program, no prior booking or information is required.

9.     In the same way you can attend all the celebration programs of around 2 hours duration without any advance booking on information.

10.     For program schedule please click here ___ Please bring a photo id and a passport size photograph with you for the first program.

11.     For any Samadhi program, you also need a white dress, kurta Pajama, salwar suit or a white robe, for evening Osho Keertan Sandhya.

12.     There is no special dress code for Pragya programs and first three levels of Samadhi programs.

13.    From the 4th Samdhi level onwards, Orange Robe, Orange Salwar Kurti or Orange Kurta Pajama is compulsory for all sessions being conducted in the Buddha Hall.

14.    All our ashrams have accommodation facilities ranging from dormitory to AC rooms ( 2, 3 and five bedded rooms)

15.     Purely vegetarian and nutritious food is provided including breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea.

16.     For detailed info call on 9671400196/93, 0130-2483911/12 from 10 am to 6 pm or write to us at [email protected]

17.    Medication: Please bring general medicines for cold, fever, pain relieving ointments, muscle relaxants, etc., as well as any other regular medication prescribed for you.

18.    Mobile phone usage:  In order to make the most of your stay at the ashram and gain the maximum from the programs ,  participants are advised to keep mobile phone communication to the minimum possible. Carrying of Mobile Phone in the Buddha hall while the sessions are in progress, is strictly prohibited.

19.    Laundry Facilities are available at the Ashrams at a Nominal Charge.

20.    Valuables: Participants who will be staying in the shared accommodations will be retaining their own mobile phones and valuables with them. It is best not to bring expensive items like electronic gadgets and laptops. Lockers will not be available. In order to safeguard your belongings, please bring a small luggage lock with two or more copies of the key. 

21.    Recording/ Photography: Please note that photography is permitted in the Ashram Premises . However photography during the  meditation/Samadhi sessions and recording of the sessions is strictly prohibited.

22.     Important note: Smoking, alcohol consumption, or consumption of any kind of intoxicant is strictly prohibited. You will be asked to leave the ashram immediately if found in possession or using such substances.

23.    Cancellation & Refund Policy: