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Introduction Of Oshodhara

What is Oshodhara? 

● Oshodhara is the only 'live' spiritual stream of Osho, the greatest spiritual master of the 20th century, also known as the Master of Masters. The word 'live' here refers to the Master-Disciple (Guru Shishya) tradition wherein a disciple walks on the Spiritual path in the guidance of a Master who is alive, present in his physical body. This Master Disciple tradition is at the heart of Oshodhara. 

● This Existential, 'Live' Mystery School named Oshodhara has been formed by Enlightened Master Samarthguru Siddharth Aulia who can be best described as a 'Spiritual Scientist.'

● Oshodhara is the synthesis of the Spiritual best in the world as it is a result of the combination of the very best practices chosen from the Spiritual diversity that the world and India in particular, has to offer. 

● It’s a beautiful confluence of Gyan Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Karm Yoga. The combination of all three is known as 'Sahaj Yoga' and this Sahaj Yoga, the easiest and best spiritual path of all, is the foundation of spiritual practice at Oshodhara.

What makes Oshodhara so unique? 

● Oshodhara is the only spiritual stream which has gifted the world - 'Spiritual Science'. It has converted Spirituality into Science - something which is entirely unprecedented! It provides a practical roadmap of spirituality - its programs are designed in such a way that one practically experiences specific spiritual milestones and levelwise moves ahead on the spiritual path under the right guidance of the Master. 

● Spirituality at Oshodhara is based on practical Experience, not bookish knowledge. For example, words like 'Omkar', 'Amrit', 'Soul', 'Godliness' cease to be mere words or vague concepts but instead become practical experiences of the seeker's reality. 

● While most spiritual streams end at the experience of 'Omkar', not going beyond, spirituality at Oshodhara begins with 'Omkar' at the very first step, going way beyond as the seeker's journey continues further. A seeker practically experiences this precious 'Omkar' in the first level meditation program itself.

● Oshodhara has been developed as a life affirmative stream wherein seekers are taught how to best fulfil their responsibilities in the world, staying true to their inner self, while remaining grounded and centered in themselves. Also, Oshodhara programs deeply integrate the concept of 'Satyam Shivam Sundaram' in the lives of seekers, which brings a paradigm shift in their worldly lives.

● Oshodhara guides a seeker to become 'Zorba the Buddha'. This term was coined by Osho who encouraged people to embrace the Godliness of 'Buddha', without neglecting the Worldliness of 'Zorba' (A Greek Character). In  simple  words,  Zorba the Buddha symbolises an individual who is content both materialistically in the outer world as well as spiritually within .

● Oshodhara has designed its programs in such a way that they help the modern day busy man scale the heights of spirituality quickly and efficiently.

Till date, thousands of people have joined Oshodhara, walked on the spiritual path under the guidance of our Master and have not only attained enlightenment, but have embarked on a journey beyond enlightenment.


Mission of Oshodhara

Mission of Oshodhara is to reveal spiritual and scientific base of Sanatan Dharma and make every one happy and blissful through various programs. Oshodhara is also committed to establish Scientific Spirituality based on 'Spiritual Science' given by Samarthguru Siddharth Aulia. 

Having converted spirituality into a science, Oshodhara is based on 4 pillars namely 

1. Meditation  
2. Sakshi  
3. Samadhi 
4. Sumiran

● Today there's a huge misconception rampant in the world when it comes to meditation. Meditation is falsely understood as either mindfulness, chanting mantras or concentration on a particular object. One can waste many years doing meditation either without it leading anywhere and getting stuck or worse, being negatively affected by doing the wrong techniques without proper guidance. 
Osho says,
  ‘Unless mediation becomes Enlightenment, you have simply wasted your time.’
And Oshodhara firmly believes this. Hence it is committed to first teaching and spreading the right meaning of meditation through such scientific, precise and simple meditation techniques that once learnt, can be done by all easily at their homes. But most importantly, it doesn't just pave the path to Enlightenment but also takes the seekers on a journey Beyond Enlightenment.
In the words of our Sadguru,

जो फिजां का रंग बदल सके, हमें उस हवा की तलाश है;
जो लहू में बिजलियां भर सके, हमें उस दवा की तलाश है।
न शजर  पे बच रही पत्तियां, वहां उल्लुओं की हैं बस्तिया
जो जड़ों से इनको उखाड़ दे, हमें उस हवा की तलाश है |

मेरी आंख जिसको थी ढूंढती, कभी साहिलों पे मिला नहीं;
जो भंवर में फिर से उतार दे, उस नाखुदा की तलाश है |

अभी आसमां का जिकर न कर, अभी आसमां की फिकर न कर;
जो जमीं की ज़ुल्फ़ें सँवार दे, उस बासफा की तलाश है।

हो जमीं से जो भी परे-परे, उसे आसमां पे ही छोड़ दे,
जो जमीं पे हो, जो जमीं का हो, हमें उस खुदा की तलाश है |

“Utsav Amar Jaati Anand Amar Gotra” Celebration and bliss are the way of life in Oshodhara, based on Osho’s teachings, 'Celebration is my Religion, Love is my Message and Silence is my Truth.' And a celebrative, meditative humanity of 'Zorba the Buddhas' is exactly what Oshodhara desires. 

As our Sadguru beautifully says,

चलो ध्यान की एक बगिया लगाएं;
चलो प्यार की एक गंगा बहाएं।

उखड़ जाएं सूखे शज़र हर चमन से;
चलो एक आंधी हम ऐसी उठाएं।

न मीरा को कोई राणा जहर दे;
न सुकरात को कोई विष अब पिलाए।

न जीसस को सूली न ही कत्ले-सरमद;
न मंसूर पर कोई पत्थर चलाए।

दोबारा न हो हादसा करबला का;
चलो कुछ चमत्कार ऐसा दिखाएं।

बजे बांसुरी कृष्ण की हर गली में;
चलो आज राधा को सर से लगाएं।

न सिद्धार्थ भागो यहाँ रह के जागो;
जो कहते हैं ओशो उसे कर दिखाएं।

● Oshodhara aims to change the entire paradigm of a seeker's life by shifting it from living in a state of complaint to a state of Gratitude. From looking for fleeting happiness in the external world to finding the source of eternal joy and bliss within. It also aims to help the seekers get relief from anxiety, stress, insomnia, boredom, depression and all other addictions that enter our life when it isn't lived from a place of centred grounding in oneself.

● Moreover, 'Jeewem Shardah Shatam' is the motto of Oshodhara. Our Sadguru inspires seekers to aim to lead a healthy, joyful and blissful life of at least 100 years.

'With grace of Godliness and my Masters I have inherited some of the most precious treasures of Vedas, Upanishads, Krishna, Buddha, Patanjali, Sufis, Kabir, Nanak and Osho. I invite sincere seekers to join Oshodhara programs for sharing these pearls.

~    Samarthguru Siddharth Aulia

It’s a sheer joy to be part of this great commune of Oshodhara. Oshodhara welcomes you to be on a journey of self-exploration while singing, dancing, laughing and celebrating in the divine presence of Sadguru Osho Siddharth Aulia ji.