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Health & Healing

A controlled body is a beautiful phenomenon — a controlled energy, glowing, and always more than is needed, and always alive, and never dull and dead. Then the body also becomes intelligent, body also becomes wise, body glows with a new awareness.

– OSHO—Yoga:The Alfa and Omega

Sammohan Pragya

This is a 3-days special course on Hypnosis
to reprogram you to live with health, wealth and positive visualization.
By doing this course you become free from chronic diseases,
conditionings and undesirable habits.

Swasthya Pragya

This is a 3-days course to understand right diet, right exercise and right medication for total health management. It is essential to do this course before joining Kaivalya Yoga course.

Mudra Healing

This is a 3-days (4-days online) course to understand secrets of five elements depicted in our five fingers and thereby healing our most of the ailments.

Homeo Pragya

This is a 6-days (9-days online) course which teaches art and science of Homeopathy. After attending this course you can heal yourself, your friends and family members.


This is a 6-days (8-days online) course meant for experiencing Total Health Management, Total Yoga Therapy, Belly fat loss and weight loss. The course is conducted by a team of experts under strict diet-discipline in a lush green forest environment. Overweight participants are expected to lose 2-3 kgs weight per month by practising the methods taught here.

Ayurveda Pragya

This 6-days (9-days online) course generates general awareness about Ayurveda and its various dimensions. After attending this course you will know the art and science of Ayurveda and its application.

Reiki Pragya

This is a 6-days (9-days online) course which inculcates the divine art of Reiki Touch Healing (Reiki level I) and Reiki Distance Healing (Reiki level II).

Nature Healing

Love energy released by lush green trees, flowing streams and chirping birds heals body, mind and soul. Experience this in 6-days ( 6-days online) Nature Healing course.

Jeewan Pragya

This is a 3-days (4-days online) course which teaches us how to live a healthy and long life for 100 years.

Crystal Healing

This is a 3-days online group in which crystals and other stones are used to cure ailments and protect against disease. Proponents of this technique believe that crystals act as conduits for healing — allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the Mind, body & Soul and force negative, disease-causing energy to flows out.

Angel Healing

This is a 6-days online and 3-days offline group. It is one of the most powerful and miraculous healing modalities, not just for physical, financial and emotional healing, but also spiritual healing. The simple reason being, by invoking Angels we call upon the higher beings, who are messengers and instruments of God, who have special powers to reach out and heal people at all levels.